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Cellular Release Therapy™ 

How our memories affect our body


Physical injury is often accompanied by emotional trauma. We remember pain by how it felt, where we felt it, what the circumstances where, and how it affected us in the longer term. In other words, we retain the physical and emotional pain experience as a memory, on a cellular level.

What is Cellular Release Therapy?


Cellular Release Therapy allows for deep releasing and clearing of trauma, past pain, repressed memories, imprints, habits, and dysfunctional beliefs that keep us from experiencing a full recovery.  In addition to its applications in body therapy, CRT is also highly successful in the treatment of childhood trauma, mental and physical abuse, weight loss, and addiction.

How does it work?


Treatment occurs while the client is deeply relaxed, eyes closed, through a series of questions and instructions from therapist to client. The client is not required to talk, only to be open to feelings, sensations, and input from the subconscious.


Benefits of CRT

  • ​Clears trauma and its impact on the body.

  • Dissolves self-sabotaging belief systems: Clears repetitive thought patterns, behaviors, and emotions which result in the same, wrong choices.  

  • Clears the cellular and emotional effects from physical injuries and chronic pain.

  • Helpful in the treatment of chronic pain, childhood trauma, abuse, weight loss, and addiction.

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