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What is Bursitis?


Bursitis is an imflammatory state of the bursa. A bursa is a small, flat sac that is lined with fluid that surrounds our joints and enables us to move. Essentially, the bursa around our joints helps to reduce friction between our tendons and bones. It cannot be felt unless it is inflamed. In this state, heat and swelling may be present, and you may feel a deep burning pain. In some cases, particularly with shoulder and hip bursitis, sleep may be affected and cause insomnia. Range of motion is limited in areas where bursitis is located and constant pain is experienced when the bursa are compressed.


Causes of Bursitis


Among the causes of bursitis is overuse, coupled with poor posture and biomechanics. When surrounding muscles and structures are over or poorly used,  friction can easily result in inflammation of the bursa. Secondary to existing tendonitis, bursitis can sometimes be caused by muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions such as scoliosis or hyperkyphosis, an increase in the normal thoracic curve marked by rounded shoulder and forward head posture. Direct trauma can also cause bursitis, as well as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and infection.

Treating Bursitis 


In the initial stages of bursitis, as with tendonitis, rest and ice are recommended and, if necessary, anti-inflammatories. As the bursa heals, I may treat the swollen areas with manual lymphatic drainageP-DTR will treat pain, muscle guarding and dysfunction.


Where Does Bursitis Occur?


Bursitis can occur anywhere you have a bursa. Some of the more common areas are around the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle.

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