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About Me

I have been a sports enthusiast my whole life and have sustained many painful injuries while practicing rock climbing and martial arts, and while lifting weights as a competitive weight lifter.  My journey as a bodyworker eventually led me to alternative medicine because I found that it could provide the most effective treatment without doing the least harm.

My recovery was so profound that I wanted to help others with a history of chronic pain and decided to become a holistic health practitioner. After studying at the Berkeley School of Acupressure and the Santa Barbara Bodywork Institute (SBBTI), I opened my own practice here in Santa Barbara and became a massage instructor at SBBTI in 2008.

One of my frustrations as a massage therapist was that my clients would leave me feeling good, but that their pain would always return after a few days. That may be good for business, but doesn't really help the client. I wanted to find a therapy that would allow my clients to return to a fulfilling life rather than find a just few hours of relief.  My search led me to P-DTR, and I began my studies under orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jose Palomar in San Francisco. I am currently one of a few P-DTR practitioners in the US, and I am grateful to be able to provide this groundbreaking treatment here in Santa Barbara.

The success of this therapy has been overwhelming.  Clients who have lived in pain for years or have had only limited range of motion are finally able to enjoy a life without pain. My treatment is non-invasive and, for most clients, very effective. 

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